A Gold Mining Company at Work

In this article, we will be taking a broad overview of some of the inner workings and plans of a gold mining company that goes by the name of Great Western Mining. We’ll touch base on a few different topics, such as: some informational background on this company, some of the plans this company has for its future, ongoing projects, and also some achievements and milestones that have already been gained by Great Western Mining thus far.

First, let’s take a dive into some of the Great Western Minings background and where they first started as a company and just learn a little bit about who they are. One of the homes of this gold mining company is Mineral County, Nevada. This is not the only place you’ll find them mining gold, though. Going back, their roots actually started in Ireland before moving on to incorporate the US. With this company now having acreage in Mineral County, Nevada within the supported mineral-rich areas of the Walker Lane structural belt, there will be no short falls in gold discoveries for this company.

The plans and on-going projects this company is currently immersed in are an array of projects from the Olympic Gold Project to Trafalgar Hill, OMCO, and Rock House. In the already approved 2022 drilling program, an initial 23 holes were planned for these two ongoing projects alone. With this program being funded from pre-existing cash reserves and four drill targets prioritized for the beginning of start-up once spring weather allows, this company will have plenty of work and quality gold resources being gained all the while being ahead of schedule and under budget.

With previous reports of Great Western Mining being ahead of schedule and under budget, along with zero safety mishaps, I’d say gold mining seems to be a pretty lucrative business according to their books. Along with the results of the birthed gains of high grade intercepts of gold up to 8.90 grams, that’s an achievement met in anyone’s books. With still more to come from this Nevada base of the company, that gives a good overview of gold mining.