Best Property Management in Detroit

I own quite a few houses in the Metro Detroit area, and I need to try to rent them out in the near future. When my father owned the houses, that is exactly what he was doing with them. I need to do the same, because at the moment, they are just sitting there and costing me money, as opposed to making money for me. I want to find a company that will be able to take care of the administrative work, and I am looking for property management companies in metro detroit that work for a reasonable price and will also take good care of the houses that I own.

I would really like to figure this out as quickly as possible, because I want to get the houses filled with tenants in the next few months, if that is feasible. I know that some repairs will need to be done to some of the houses, before they can be rented out. I hope that the repairs will be relatively minor in nature though, because I do not have a whole lot of cash available right now. I mean, I have money tied up in other investments, but I am just talking about the cash that I actually have available to me in my savings account right now.

I need to find a company that is trustworthy and has a good reputation in the property management business. That is because I really want to make sure that this property is taken good care of and that everything runs smoothly. I also want to make sure that they will keep the tenants in line, and all of that sort of stuff. The sooner I can start getting this all taken care of, the sooner I will be able to start making money.