Best Senior Home Care Providers in Brooklyn

My father has been discharged from the hospital, but he is still recovering from surgery, and it will be 10 weeks before he is allowed to lift more than 5 pounds, due tot he nature of the surgery that he has just had. As such, I do not think he is really qualified to look after himself in the near future, and I would like to find company that does senior home care in brooklyn ny so that I can hire somebody to look after my father, and provide him with assistance when he needs it.

My father has other medical concerns, that will need to be addressed, and which he will likely be unable to address on his own. As such, it seems pretty obvious to me, that hiring a home care professional to watch my father for the near future, is the best option at this point in time. Hopefully, the period where home care is necessary, will be confined to the 10 weeks of recovery time that is already expected. It is my desire to see him back in pretty good condition, and with a lot of his strength regained, before I will be willing to end the home care.

My father means the world to me, and I need to make sure that he is being taken care of properly. I would love to be able to do it myself, but my schedule is so full these days, and I have so much on my plate in general, that it is simply not feasible. Of course, I will be checking in on him as often as I can, but I just know that he can’t depend on me to take care of him in this period of vulnerability. I am relieved that the surgery went well.