Cheer Up After the Breakup

After breaking up with my boyfriend, I was feeling pretty sad. As a joke, one of my friends suggested that I try using a personal toy to cheer myself up. I chuckled a little a the joke, but then I thought she was on to something. Sex toys are pretty popular in my area, and they’re known for having some great toys. I had never tried them before, or any toys for that matter, but I was willing to do a little experimentation in this case. I looked online and ordered one of their toys.

My friend ordered a toy as well, because she was curious to try one like me. I wasn’t going to try the toy with her in the room, because that would have created such an awkward moment. Once the toy arrived, I put some fresh batteries in it and gave it a test. I actually liked the feeling of the toy, and I didn’t think about my ex once while using it. I must admit that I actually felt happier while using it. To think that something that started out as a joke actually turned into something useful. I can get hours of enjoyment from it.

My ex boyfriend tried calling me after a month because he wanted to get back together. Apparently he tried to date a girl, but things didn’t work out between them, and now he was crawling back home to me. I wasn’t going to put up with any of his mess, so I ignored his calls and text messages. My friend and I went out to dinner and dancing later that week, and I met some nice guys at the club. They were really interested in me, and I gave one of them my number. Things are looking so much better already.