Did Some Work on a Shrimp Boat Today

Did some work on a shrimp boat today. My buddy Ike bought this thing and he wants to fix it up and sell it. It is a salvage job and he got hold of the thing for the simple reason that he figures he can patch it up and turn a profit on it. I have no clue how long it has been since it was wrecked, but the thing was not in that bad of a shape once Ike cleaned it up. He wanted me to do some electrical work. He went to a place called train horns unlimited, a web page where they sell air horns. These things are not very easy to mount in fact. You need a good bit of space for them. The one he got cost two hundred bucks and it is not that expensive compared to some of the things that they sell. The fact that they show you how to mount this thing in a car is pretty dumb in my opinion, but I am sure that a lot of people do that.

If you are on a shrimp boat you definitely want to have this sort of horn. In fact I have to set up a lot of electronics on this thing. Obviously you need fish finding gear, but the thing is going to require a small radar too. He got this second hand and I was wondering if it worked myself. In fact I know a bit about a radar set, but it has been about twenty some years since I was in the Navy and it took me a bit of thinking before it came back to me. I am not sure how much of a profit it is going to be when Ike gets done putting the work in.