From Betting to Riding Horses

It’s kind of funny to think about a person going from betting on horses to racing them. I used to go to the race track and put all my money into watching the jockeys ride on the horses, competing for top prizes. I wasn’t that great at betting and would often lose money. I did some soul searching, and realized my life would be better if I became a jockey. I bought some equestrian clothing and went to a training school to learn how to ride horses. If I was going to be making money from horses, I would be in direct control of it.

When I first started working with the horses, I expected things to be easy. It was a lot harder, and I even had trouble getting on the horse the first time. The horse was taller than it looked from the stands of the stadium. I was afraid of falling off the horse, or of making the horse mad with my movements. Horses are pretty gentle creatures, but they do have a lot of power in their legs and hooves, and if you do something wrong, the horse will use that power on you. The instructor told me to just stay calm and everything would be fine.

Each day that I went to training, I became more comfortable with the horse and I enjoyed walking around on it. Then we started going faster and the horse transitioned into a slow run. We eventually made it to a galloping speed and I was ready to start going full speed into riding training. I worked with the horse to get faster times, shaving as much off as we went along. I feel that we’re ready to compete in our first horse race. I probably won’t bet any money on that race.