Go Ahead and Try It

Last year I looked into hiring a blog writing service that would get my brand at the top of the search results, I was pretty excited to hire them, as I thought it would make my business boom. It didn’t cost all that much, and I think it worked out pretty nicely. What they do is get writers to write short little blogposts that they then use to make your companies name show up more on the search engines results, which will get you closer to the top of your respective field. It’s a pretty nice service and if you’re having trouble getting your brand out there I totally suggest that you do it. One of the biggest complaints out there is that you could potentially get in trouble for it, but in all honesty they never go after anyone in this business, they only try to combat it on their end.

So for the results, they were pretty much what I had expected. My business picked up a little in traffic and even a little bit in sales initially. I was still pretty low on the rankings at that time, and as I watched myself move up and up the results page I was shocked to see my sales go up. Word quickly caught and I was selling out in no time, that was amazing because now I don’t need the services anymore, I used them and they set me up for success but now my companies up there and as long as the sales stay up I wont need to hire another blog company to get me back on top. I love this type of service and recommend it to every newcomer into the markets. It’s a blessing to have the abililty to get your name out there on top for cheaper.