Great Ways to Buy Instagram Followers for Cheap

Get Instagram Followers Fast! [FREE - 2013] - YouTubeMy company is starting a new social media blitz and one of the sites that we are trying to focus on, is Instagram. I am hoping that it will be successful, but in order to really generate a buzz on the site, we are going to need to get a lot of followers. Further, we want to get them soon. As such, it seems like a good solution would be to figure out how to buy instagram followers for a cheap price. It is only going to be a reasonable solution to our problem, if it is does not cost too much in order to buy the followers that we need.

The important aspect of the cost, is how much it costs on a per follower basis. I imagine that such sites might give a bulk discount, or something like that. I am not sure how many followers we need, but we need enough to make it look like a reputable account. I am thinking that a few hundred followers would suffice.