Has Fashion Come Full Circle in America?

As time goes on it is clear that fashion is like a great big circle. The other day I noticed a singer has been wearing a style of loose fitting shirts and bowler style hats. The colors were earth tones. This is the same style worn in South America more than a hundred years ago. Now it is considered contemporary or even avante-garde. It seems like when new ideas get stagnant, the old comes back in fashion in slightly different ways. Take vintage lingerie for example. The newest fabric technologies along with the latest manufacturing processes have taken the unique look from the World War II era transforming it into highly sought after lingerie for women to wear today.

The look of that era is unmistakeable. The hairstyles and bright red lipstick along with stockings, garters and form-fitting dresses are not something new for this century. No, they were popular when our grandparents were in the prime of their lives. Oh,now that is a scary thought for a young girl buying clothes today. The desire is to stay absolutely as far away as possible from what mom and grandma might like so she can demonstrate her own style. However, little do they realize is that all fashion has markers and elements in fashion trends from long ago.

You can see the same sort of roots in so-called contemporary music. A trained ear can hear the rhythms of rap and notice its cousins in both classical and indigenous music from generations ago. You can even look at the styles of cars coming out today and see history in some of the lines of their shapes. Still, however, nothing seems to make its rounds again like clothing fashions do except maybe for hairstyles. Now, I am in no hurry to go back to the pastels and big hair of the 1980s or the platform shoes of the 1970s, but I can relate to the good look of clothes and vintage lingerie of the 1940s and 1950s.