Helping Small Stakeholders in Horse Racing Clubs Enjoy the Full Ownership Experience

In the UK most people attend horse races for one reason. That is to bet on the winning horse. So many variables go into racing that part of the allure is the guessing. Also, for just a little money everyone can participate. Some take it very seriously while others pursue it as a part time hobby. A different group of people also go to the track. They are the owners of the horses that run the races. Since you would have to be very wealthy to be the sole owner of a thoroughbred horse, there are horse racing clubs that you can join to get a part ownership stake in one.

I would say that the clubs that offer small percentage ownerships in racing horses need to really make every investor feel like they are the only owner. Those are the types of horse racing clubs that will succeed. Just like the player who places the smallest bet, the race horse owner who invests in the smallest stake needs to feel important and like a 100 percent participant. That is why a good horse racing club puts out information to the stakeholders speaking to each one as if he is the only owner. This is when small stakeholders feel like they are participating at the same level as those who have invested a lot more.

There are only so many horse racing clubs that can do this. The one in charge of the club should be a horse owner who has a lot of experience with how it feels to be a part of the racing culture at all levels. Someone who has worked their way up through the ranks over a long period of time seems like the person for the job. Horse ownership for horse racing purposes comes with its own long history of traditions, values and expectations. Even the smallest stakeholders want to feel like they can fully participate in all the sport has to offer. A good horse racing club can bring that experience to their investors.