How Safe is a Keyless Door Way?

I got tot thinking about this, mainly because I do not think that there is any way that my kids will be able to keep up with a set of keys. They are going to be home alone for a couple of hours in the afternoon and so I have been thinking that we could get one of those keyless entry locks on one of the doors. However I was curious about how serious a problem keyless theft prevention would be. Obviously it is something a clever thief would be interested in, and thieves have a whole lot of time to think about this sort of thing. In fact those guys get sent to jail and they sit around all day long thinking about this stuff. Obviously the clever thieves and the clever criminals are thinking about this sort of thing very logically. They want to be able to get in easily, get stuff that they can carry off easily and sell for a good price and they want to get away with it, obviously without getting punished.

If you could hack one of these systems that would in theory make it all very easy. Of course you have to worry about alarm systems and all of that sort of thing. I do not have an alarm, but I do have a sign that says I have an alarm. It was there when we bought the place and I figured that it did no harm. Obviously the previous owner figured that the sign would be a deterrent. It is not that difficult to think that it would give a thief pause, obviously they might not believe it. However it would be a big pause for a smart thief, the type of thief who is not eager to go to jail.