I Use Dust Extraction Equipment in My Woodworking Studio

I started woodworking when I was in my teenage years. I still have some samples of my early projects. I laugh at the simplicity and lack of skill I had when I got started. Now I rent a building where I use it as my studio. I make artistic things out of wood. I have a part time day job, but I actually earn most of my money at this work. Over the years I have added more tools and equipment to allow me to make the things I imagine. I also added safety equipment like my dust extraction machine.

I used to have to wear a mask the whole time I was working and even in between doing any actual work. There was just too much dust floating around in the air. It has ruined motors in some of the machines I use. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of dust that has made it into my lungs over the years. I even had a small fire that almost got out of control once because of dust. A buildup of it caught fire when inside an electric motor that powers a lathe.

I got the dust extraction equipment and took time to clean the whole place. I hired help to clean all of my tools and power equipment. My studio looks brand new and clean now. The machine that pulls out all of the dust in the air is a huge help. I no longer have that haze in the air, and there is no dust building up on or in machines. I am no longer sneezing or coughing after working the whole day either. Even the best respirator I could find let some particulates squeeze in between the mask and my face. I should have got this dust extraction machine years ago.