I Wante the Birds to Leave My House

I was not sure what to do about the damage that birds were causing to my property. I had never had a problem with them until this past year. One might think that I encourage their presence with bird feeders, but I have never even seen one in any of the yards on my block. For some reason, this year was particularly bad, and I was tired of the damage. I did a quick search for bird control in New Jersey to see if I could find some tips on how to handle such an infestation of dirty birds, and I was surprised to see that there is actually a company that helps people like me.

The person I talked to told me they typically handle commercial buildings, but he did explain that sometimes birds get attracted to a certain area for one reason or another when it comes to residential homes. I expressed that I did not want any of the birds killed. I have two young daughters, and they would be devastated if they had found out that I had taken a part in a bird extermination. The man laughed and assured me that they don’t believe in killing birds either.

He told me that they have a way of making it so birds do not want to return to an area. He told me about some of them, including shocking, spikes and nets. Since I have a flat roof, he thought that the spikes would be the best solution. He also told me it would be the easiest as far as making the birds want to relocate quickly. It did not take long for his crew to have the spikes installed, and I have noticed a huge decrease in the bird population around my house. I can finally get my lawn back to looking how it used to before the birds arrived!