Overcoming a Fear of Horses

I’ve been doing racehorse training for a while now, and I really love it. My friends got me a year of training as a birthday present. I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it, because I initially didn’t like horses. In fact, I actually had a fear of them. I never told anyone about my fear, which is why when I received the gift, my friends weren’t sure why I had an uneasy look on my face about the gift. After they explained everything, they understood and offered to exchange the gift for something else, but I decided to accept it and use it as a way to get rid of my fear of horses once and for all.

On my first day of training, I was terrified to even go near a horse. The trainer assured me that the horse was gentle and that nothing would happen, but I was still frightened. I was close to running back to the car and driving away, but the instructor took my hand and rubbed it against the side of one of the horses. The horse was soft to the touch, and was pretty playful. It rubbed its head against mine, and made funny noises. The trainer gave me some food to feed the horse and told me to lay my hand flat. When the horse ate the food, he tickled my hand and I laughed.

After that breakthrough moment with the horse, it was time to get on it. I was worried about falling of the horse, but the horse took it easy with me. We walked around slowly for a while so I could get a feel of riding on the horse. I was so high up, but it was pretty fun. As the horse and I became more comfortable, we started to get faster.