The Hidden Costs of a Degree

Fujitsu Graduate and Industrial Placement Programme : Fujitsu UKI value education. It has always been incredibly important to me but what has been happening in our country within our education system is slowly destroying all that it was founded upon. It is distressing to see this happening from the bottom up. It’s not just our universities that we have to concern ourselves with but with our high schools, our middle schools, our lower schools. When I graduated college, I realized that graduate jobs were nowhere to be found – what happened to our country that our college graduates are walking out of the universities not being able to find a job within their desired discipline? Let’s not forget, either, what standardized testing has done to us. Think back on your days of schooling and you will quickly learn that you have not been taught to think but to quickly recall facts. Your memory might be sharp but your ability to critically analyze and critically think have given way to atrophy – you have rarely exercised that ability if you attended public schools.