The Perfect Home Theater Setup

While moving my computer from one room to another, I accidentally broke the plastic tab away from my RJ45 cable. I don’t know why they make those little tabs so thin, especially since you can’t really replace them without replacing the entire cable, unless you have some spare connectors, a crimper, and know how to arrange the little wires on the inside to repair the cable. Rather than going through the hassle of trying to repair the cable, I just ordered a new one online. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get a longer cable anyway.

The entire reason for moving my computer to another room in the first place was because I wanted to connect it to the large television in my living room. I had one of those small dongle computers hooked up to my television to use for gaming and home theater purposes, but it wasn’t that fast, and really couldn’t handle any kind of 4K video playback without any kind of stuttering and going out of sync. I tried installing new firmware for it in the hopes that it would improve, but I had no luck. My main computer was the only thing in my home powerful enough to handle 4K content without any problems.

The cable that I ordered came pretty quickly. I thought about selling the old one online since there is always someone who will buy a used or broken product and try to fix it, but the cost of listing the item for sale and for shipping were more than I would have been able to make from selling the cable, so I just discarded it. Now with my new living room setup, I can throw anything at my computer and play it on the television, and even play some online games while sitting in my favorite recliner.