The Presence Behind Our Digital Shoulders

Privacy is becoming an important topic in America culture. Indeed, around the world. With the exposure of the National Security Agency’s spying program thanks to Mr. Snowden’s leak of documents detailing how much privacy was being taken away on a daily basis by the agency, and the Federal Government, citizens and businesses alike are beginning to question the wisdom of allowing their data to be hosted by U.S entities who might be working with the NSA – whether by force or not. I am one of them. I looked into renting offshore vps to host much of the data that I felt might be sensitive enough to warrant encryption and security but not important enough to keep on a closed network or destroy out right. There are several tools and methods that you can take upon yourself to help improve the quality and level of your personal security but it is almost impossible to actually be able to fully protect that data.

That’s the problem and the nature of encryption; any encryption, given sufficient time, can be broken. Therefore all of your data is at risk of being collected and exposed. The best way to keep your data safe is to simply host it within a medium that is not connected to the web, whether that is a stand alone infrastructure or something like printed papers, or you can destroy it if you find it sensitive enough to warrant such an act. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals who are beginning to pull away from their lives on the web in order to live a life that is truly private. A life without the influence of the American Government or the National Security Agency looking over our digital shoulders – yet, many of us will accept that it is happening and carry on.