Trying to Figure out How to Do Internet Marketing

It is not very easy, but I have been trying to figure out how to do Internet Marketing. A friend of mine, a very attractive female friend of mine talked me in to trying to do it. It is a huge pain to try to figure it out, because you run up against a lot of jargon when you try to learn how it works for instance I started trying to learn how to be a white label SEO reseller program this morning, but I was confused and that was the wrong thing for me to worry about trying to do. In fact it is the opposite of what I needed to know. At least it is not something I need to figure out unless she wants to pay some person to help her out. In my understanding that term means that you have some resources which would be useful for promoting stuff on the internet and you choose to rent it out to another person. I guess it is like a bunch of blogs.

At any rate that is probably the opposite of what I need. I need to figure out how to do search engine optimization and that is not a simple task to do in fact. You are really up against a bunch of really smart people, the people who write the code for Google and the other search engine companies. They have a mathematical expression called an algorithm which decides which results show up when you search for some term on the internet. Obviously this is a very important concept for Google. They want to give people the best results that they can, mostly in the interest of ad revenues. If they do not give you a good result you would look some other place for it.