We Had Our Home Built

My wife and I had looked at so many homes that it didn’t seem possible that we could not find our dream home. We had been looking for about six months, and saw an average of two to four houses a week. None were right though, and we finally decided to look at architects in Southeast London after finding a nice plot of land. It was perfect for us as far as location was concerned, and we also knew that if we designed our own home, then we would have exactly what we had been searching for without any luck.

We looked at quite a few architects, and it was evident which one we were going to go with since we kept going back to their website to look at more pictures of work they have done. There was just such talent in what they did already, and we were excited to have them help us get the home of our dreams. I was able to make an appointment with them, and we looked over some floor plans that they had for new homes. My wife and I both knew when we saw the one that would be built for us.

It is a four bedroom, three bathroom house that is split between two levels. We wanted a few things tweaked, such as a larger closet in the master bedroom and an extra closet in the upstairs hall. They had no problem making these adjustments, and they were able to get started as soon as the paperwork for the land was done. They worked long hours and the home was finished ahead of schedule. When we took our first walk through it completely finished, we knew that we had made the right decision in having our home built for us.