We Wanted to Jump out of an Airplane

My boyfriend asked me if I would ever go skydiving, and I really didn’t know what to tell him. I had never considered it before, but it did sound like it could be fun. He told me that he had heard of a company that teaches skydiving in the UK, actually in London specifically. He thought that it sounded like a lot of fun, and he wanted to see if I wanted to join him and a couple of our friends in trying it out. I wanted to find out more before I committed myself to anything, so he pointed me in the right direction by giving me the website address where he had found his own information.

The more I read on the site, the more fun it seemed. I was relieved to see that anyone who wants to go through with this has to go through a mandatory training that includes 30 minutes of instruction from a trained professional. It also alleviated any lingering fears to see that these instructors have years of experience when it comes to jumping out of airplanes. That is because they are all professional military personnel who have jumped out of planes as part of their training and missions.

I knew that we would be in the safest hands possible, and I agreed to go with my boyfriend and his friends. I admit that I was still a bit scared, so I was happy to see that I could do the tandem jumping where I would have one of the instructors with me. That literally means that we were attached, so there was no way I would be paralyzed with fear and not be able to react to the situation. I had so much fun after that, and the jump seemed like it lasted for a lot longer than the mere minute that it took!