Working on Being More of a Leader

I have been working towards getting the job as the starting quarterback ever since I was in middle school. It was what I always wanted to do, although in my dreams I was the starting quarterback two years ago when I was a freshman. I started on the JV team and that was where I tried to get some leadership development and learn the system. In fact that is the reason that I have the job. If it was based on the ability to throw the ball a long way or to run very fast, then I would still be third string. I am not sure that I would have the job if the rest of the team was young and in development, because if that was the case the coach would probably suffer with Jimmy. He has the athletic tools I would love to have, but he has not learned the office and he is not any good at being in charge.

That is not easy to do. When you are the quarterback you do not need the guys to love you, but it does not hurt if you can do that. What you need are guys who will follow you and believe in you. No one believes that I have the better arm between him and me, but they do not like Jimmy. He is completely full of himself and convinced that he has not ever done anything wrong in all the days of his life. I have over time figured out how to do this so that the guys do not resent it. They do not mind you yelling at them when it is merited, but you can not yell at people all of the time or they just start to tune you out. You have use moderation in leadership.